About Accredited Public Adjusters


What the insurance industry does not want you to know: You have the right to use a private public adjuster to maximize the amount paid for your insurance damage

Accredited Public Adjusters, LLC was created for the sole purpose of helping residential and commercial property owners in their time of need. Founded by a Fort Pierce insurance adjuster, Timothy York, Accredited Public Adjusters is licensed in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. Our team specializes in helping policyholders like you navigate the property insurance claims process.


Professional Public Adjusting Services

Most individuals and corporations utilize professional services. For example, they rely on accountants to do their taxes, attorneys to handle their legal affairs, and physicians to manage their health issues. Accredited Public Adjusters is a public adjusting firm that you can count on for professional help when dealing with insurance claims. Insurance claims are not every day events, and the process is extremely complex, overwhelming, and often depressing. You do not have to navigate this complex process alone.

Consumer Rights

Accredited Public Adjusters is an active advocate for consumers. As a policyholder, you have the right to hire a public adjuster to represent YOUR interests in the insurance claims process. The insurance company’s adjuster cannot reasonably serve both you and the insurance company equally. This inherent conflict of interest makes you wonder who the adjuster’s allegiance is to – you or the insurance company? Who signs the paycheck? Who provides steady employment and generous benefits? Who instills a culture of saving money and maximizing profits? The insurance company, of course. Level the playing field by using a state-certified, licensed, and bonded public adjuster with a well-known reputation. You can count on us to represent your side of the claim.

Put our claims adjusting knowledge and experience to work on your claim. We are located just five minutes south of Heathcote Botanical Garden off U.S. 1 in Fort Pierce, Florida

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