Hurricane Michael Insurance Claim: Will Your Insurer’s Repair Estimates Cover Your Losses?

Whenever policyholders negotiate their Hurricane Michael insurance claim with their respective insurer, the most common outcomes are either their claim will be denied, or the insurance company will offer an amount that is not enough to cover their total losses and damages. While it may seem like the insurance companies are trying to rip you off, those outcomes are common when a geographic area suffers from widespread damage, and are even truer with complex commercial claims to hotels and businesses where processes to replace or repair damage can become quite complicated. Some of the reasons why this happens are inside claim adjusters who have never bothered to check the claim personally yet proceeds to deny certain parts of it, out-of-state adjusters who are not accustomed to local market, and overworked adjusters who overlooked certain damages and forgot to document everything.

When there’s an increase in demand for building materials, construction workers, and roofers, the associated costs also increase. A supply and demand effect such as this will definitely have an impact on those who suffered from damages for quite some time.

For property owners, an equally important cost-related issue is the vast difference between the prices quoted from local contractors and the claim adjuster’s computer-driven estimating system, in which the former’s total costs are much higher than what the latter says. Policyholders must be aware of this. It’s important to remember to never accept a low offer from their insurer or hire the services of an inferior contractor. Also, always make sure that fair market pricing is what’s used to price your insurance claim, not the computer estimating programs that are not in sync with actual marketing pricing.

There are some insurance companies today that have managed their own repair work or opted to use vendor programs where they can negotiate discounts for all repair jobs. While both strategies are good for the insurance company and the contractor, it’s not in the best interest of the policyholder. There should be no shortcuts in your insurance contract and everything must be done by the insurance company to ensure that you are made whole and that your property is restored back to its normal condition. If you want what’s best for you, get independent quotes and ensure that you’re comfortable with the quality of the materials and workmanship.

Additionally, we disapprove it when policyholders sign their claim monies over to a certain contractor with an assignment of benefit clause in their contract. To guarantee a smooth-sailing experience with your insurance claim and recovery, ensure that both the insurance company’s adjuster and your contractor are in complete agreement with every reconstruction plan and have all costs and agreements in writing. A “claim file” should be set-up with all of the important building damage estimates, correspondence letters, personal property losses, business property damage, and emails fully documented. Doing this ensures that your insurance claim will be managed efficiently. It will also be most helpful when the catastrophe adjuster goes back home and a new adjust gets assigned to you, a phenomenon which commonly occurs in widespread damage areas.

Whether you do not know the limits to what you should be entitled to or you do not understand a single aspect of your insurance policy, you can always go against the claim offer by hiring a public adjuster. There are many licensed public adjusters out there who offer free claim reviews, including the ones at our company.

For all of your questions related to your Hurricane Michael insurance claim, you can always talk to our insurance claim experts.

Hurricane Michael – Your Insurance Claim and why you Need a Public Adjuster

Hurricane Michael was one of the most intense Atlantic hurricanes to ever make landfall in the United States of America, wreaking havoc on some states including Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. From its formation on October 7, 2018 up to its dissipation on October 16 of the same year, Hurricane Michael had caused over $8.1 billion dollars in damages and claimed a total of 54 lives, putting many families in a difficult situation.

Are you one of the unfortunate victims of Hurricane Michael? Fortunately for you, if your property is insured, then there’s a chance that you will be rightfully compensated for the damages that your property experienced, whether it’s residential or commercial.

Most insurance companies, however, will make it very difficult for you to get your insurance claim. They either deny it, give you a lowball offer, or delay the entire claiming process. As a policyholder who is recovering from the effects of a traumatic natural disaster, you don’t deserve to be treated like that by the insurance companies. That’s why you should get a public adjuster – to help you get the most out of your insurance claim, minus the stress that usually goes with it.

Insurance companies are notorious for playing hardball when it comes to the claims of their policyholders, even in the wake of a well-known disaster like Hurricane Michael. By getting a public adjuster to help you early on with your claim, an insurance company will know that you mean business and think twice before applying their shady tactics to you, which usually include delaying settlements and denying payments.

Public adjusters are dedicated to serving the best interests of policyholders, not the insurance companies’, which is why hiring them to represent your claim is your best bet to getting a fair property insurance claim settlement. Of course, you can opt to manage your claim yourself, but don’t you think that it’s better to have an expert handle everything for you?

With the help of a public adjuster, you will be getting a lot of free time that you can use to put your life back together. Time is something that is always expended during an insurance claim, as the entire process involves numerous steps that require a lot of energy and effort to do. Apart from the convenience in terms of time, a public adjuster is an expert when it comes to polishing your documentation and making it free of errors, which insurance companies typically use to deny even the most valid of claims.

So, if you want to get the insurance settlement you rightfully deserve without having to go through the trouble of dealing with a hardhearted insurance company, then hire a public adjuster to smoothen out the entire process. The havoc that Hurricane Michael wreaked on your property is not fair, but your insurance settlement should be.

Public Adjusters: Your Best Ally During Insurance Settlements

Three things are certain in life: death, taxes, and disasters. For human beings, especially to fatalists, it’s sometimes difficult to grasp the concept of death, but not much can really be done about it because it will eventually come for us no matter what we do. As for taxes, it’s something that we just can’t avoid. As for disasters, they are an occurrence that we can never really be prepared for, even if we are the most careful people in the world.

There are two types of disasters: natural and man-made. The occurrence of fire is present in both natural and manmade disasters. As homeowners, we can try to prevent a fire from ravaging our properties by fireproofing everything, but what if an unavoidable accident occurs? What if our homes suddenly got swept by a resilient fire, whether natural or manmade? It sucks that we can never really be prepared for disasters even if we played our cards right, so the best thing we can do is to have a solid plan that we can execute in the event that a disaster occurs in our homes.

Dealing with the aftermath of a house fire is very exhausting and stressful, especially if most of your valuables got obliterated by the catastrophe. Luckily you can minimize your losses by a significant amount if your home is insured, but dealing with insurance companies is another challenge since they have a knack for prolonging the process of claims or straight up denying settlements. That’s where a public adjuster comes in.

Public adjusters are the saviors of homeowners who got victimized by catastrophes because they can smoothen the entire insurance claims process. Since they are employed by the policyholder of an insurance and not by any other entity, you can expect that they are going to represent your best interests to the fullest. Also, public adjusters are experts in the area of insurance settlements and are knowledgeable in dealing with the delaying and denying tactics of insurance companies, which means that they are capable of speeding up the entire claims process and getting you the maximum payout that’s stated in your policy.

Insurance companies usually delay the process of paying off settlements because they can avoid paying anything at all if they delay long enough. Sometimes they can also deny paying settlements by trying to find errors in your documents. But with the help of a public adjuster, you can rest easy knowing that your claim is going to be settled no matter what shady tactics an insurance company tries to do. Why? Because once an insurance company finds out that you hired a public adjuster, they will know that you mean business.
Never allow an insurance company to screw you over for something that you paid for. Get the help of a Florida public adjuster now so you can get the most out of your insurance settlement at a quicker rate.

Three Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Public Adjuster After A House Fire

When fire sweeps through a home, it can cause a lot of damage. Not only can house fires destroy homes, they can also put your life on hold. After a fire, there is a period of time in which you will have to collect what you can from the home and rebuild. But this process cannot begin until your insurance company pays off. Unfortunately, many insurance companies drag their feet and make the process difficult. Luckily, there is a way around this and today, we are going to learn three reasons why you should hire a public adjuster to help with your claim.

They Will Help Speed Up the Process

Insurance companies and their many lawyers are notorious for dragging things out. When a homeowner tries to file a claim on their own, these companies often know they are dealing with someone that doesn’t know all the rules. When you hire a public adjuster, it sends a clear message to the insurance company that you mean business, and this will help speed up the process. You will have your claim settled and get the compensation you need to put your life back together.

Your Stress Level Will Be Much Lower

We all know that dealing with a house fire is one of the most stressful things you can go through. When you add dealing with the insurance company to the mix, things can get even more hectic. To rid your life of as much stress as possible, you can hire a public adjuster who will take over the entire claim’s process and handle the insurance company for you. This will allow you to focus on what really matters, which is your family.

They Will Help You Get the Maximum Amount

When it comes to cutting corners, insurance companies try their best to pay out as little as possible. This can be heartbreaking to those homeowners who have lost everything. Hiring a public adjuster will help you get the most from insurance companies. They will work hard to ensure that your payout matches the damage that has been done so that you can fully rebuild your home.

If your family has been displaced by a house fire, the first step to recovery is to hire a professional public adjuster. By doing so, you will get the maximum amount for your claim and you will not have to wait months to receive a check.

Getting Professional Restoration Help After Your Home Has Been Flooded

One of the worst things that any homeowner could face is a flooded house. Homes can become flooded due to a burst pipe or something more serious like a natural disaster. But no matter how your home has
become flooded, you will have to quickly deal with the situation. Trying to handle the cleanup process and rebuilding process on your own isn’t something that most homeowners can handle. Today, we are going to learn how hiring a professional water damage restoration service can help you get back your life faster.

They Got the Tools for The Job

Most homeowners will have a few simple tools that can help remove some water from the home. But most people are limited in their ability to get all the moisture out. When you hire a professional water damage restoration company, they will be able to completely remove any moisture from your home. They will use large fans, powerful vacuums and dehumidifiers to get the job done right.

They Can Stop the Mold Before It Starts

As we mentioned above, it is really important that you get all of the moisture out of your home. Mold simply loves moisture and it won’t take long for mold to grow inside your home. Once mold has established itself, it can really cause a lot of damage. Instead of letting that happen, you should call a water damage restoration company as soon as possible. If called right away, they just might be able to save you thousands of dollars. So if you are faced with a flooded home, make sure you make the right decision and call for help.

Less Stress on You

Dealing with water damage restoration can be a real nightmare. Not only is dealing with the insurance company a hassle if you try to do the job on your own, you will also find yourself in a stressful situation. This can put a huge burden on not only you but your family as well. But luckily, there is help for those going through this process. Just one phone call to a professional water damage restoration company can bring you the relief you need. They will come in, assess the situation and handle all the heavy work for you.

If you are faced with water damage due to a burst pipe or natural disaster, please make sure that you call in a professional. This will help make things less stressful and could even save you a ton of money in the long run.

Hurricane Irma Claim Denied or Still Pending?

Two months have come and gone since Hurricane Irma graced the state of Florida with its presence. With the cost of damages climbing higher and higher as the numbers are being reported in, so are the number of claims being filed. If you were one of the unfortunate property owners affected by Hurricane Irma and have filed your claim, you may still be patiently waiting for your insurance company to get back to you. If they have gotten back to you and your claim was denied you might be wondering what to do next. Either way, you have options! Take an active role in the claims process by reaching out to a Public Adjuster to access your claim.

Call an Insurance Adjuster  

Public adjusters become your advocates fighting on your behalf to secure the settlement you deserve. Experienced public adjusters are well versed in the language of insurance policies and are able to utilize their knowledge of how insurance companies operate to maximize your return.

Denied Claims

If you filed a claim due to Hurricane Irma and it was denied, it isn’t the end. You may still be entitled to the amount you filed for. A public adjuster can look over your denied claim and help you appeal the denial to recover the money you are entitled to. Insurance companies are concerned with their own profit margins. It’s time you had someone on your side.

Pending Claims or Claims in Process

If your claim is not filed and still in the process or currently pending, having a professional look over your current claim can only aid you in your claim. Public adjusters are able to find mistakes or omissions that would have otherwise decreased the amount you would have gotten back. Hiring a public adjuster will make certain that your claim is a true portrayal  of the damages and losses incurred.

Insurance Claims For Hurricane Irma In The Florida Keys

Hurricane Irma has traversed the length of Florida and The Florida Keys sustained major damage. With an estimated 100 billion dollars in damages, Floridians are scrambling to recover quickly so that they may go back to their normal way of life. If you live between Key West and Marathon, FL it is important to move quickly with the rebuilding process. Here are a few steps you can take to streamline the process and recuperate quicker.

Alert Your Insurance & Gather Evidence

Call your insurance company and notify them that you will be submitting a claim. Giving them a heads up before submission can help you accumulate information that you may need throughout the claims process such as a deadline for submission or specific procedures that they will need you to follow. Procedures should be laid out in your policy, but speaking to a representative can help clear up any steps you are unsure on. To submit your claim you will need to document all of the damage incurred during Hurricane Irma. Take pictures and notes of the damage dealt to the property and personal belongings.

Dealing with Insurance Adjusters

After Hurricane Irma, there is a reported shortage of insurance adjusters. Insurance adjusters are being spread thin in an uphill battle to get a handle on the mass amounts of claims trying to be submitted. To this end, insurance adjusters are not always fighting for the insured to receive a fair payout from their insurance companies. This is where a public adjuster becomes not only a viable, but necessary option. By allowing a trusted public adjuster to not only fight on your behalf, but also handle the time consuming process of filing a claim, you are giving yourself your best chance at getting everything owed to you.

Experienced companies like Accredited Public Adjusters, LLC understand the verbiage of your insurance policy and will utilize that knowledge in helping you file for varying types of damages that come with a hurricane. Wind, water, flood, and tornado are all damages that can occur and need to be differentiated and documented differently.  Without the skills to do so, claims can be denied or underpaid, leaving the insured to bear the remaining costs.

Water Damage Claims & Time Sensitivity

Every homeowner should be aware of the potential damages that water can cause. Often, water damage occurs somewhere the homeowner won’t find right away, therefore, the homeowner may have no idea that damages are occurring in the first place. Water damage can be prevented, but once water damage occurs, you must know the proper procedures to take to minimize the damages.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to water damage is that you must act quickly. Acting quickly to repair the water damage is the best way to stop the water from being the source of other problems like excessive loss of property and the growth of mold. If your home ever experiences the unfortunate event of water damage, then follow these tips:

Receive Professional Help And Call Your Insurance Provider

Since water damage is a time sensitive disaster that should be attended to as soon as it happens, your first call should be to a water damage restoration company. These companies often charge through insurance providers, so your next move should be to call your insurance provider. Explain the situation, and ask the insurance company what your next move should be. Often, they’ll send out an insurance adjuster to estimate the extent of the damages. This is where the situation can get murky. Water damage claims can be tremendously expensive. Insurance companies would rather not spend this tremendous amount of money, so they attempt to a pull a fast one on homeowners that don’t know any better.

The Issue With Insurance Adjusters

Often, insurance adjusters want to make it so that the insurance provider pays out the absolute minimum for the damages your home has experienced. This absolute minimum usually leaves out important things like the contents of your home from the damages that insurance will pay for. That’s where companies like Accredited Public Adjusters, LLC come in. The benefits of allowing a public adjuster to handle your insurance claim are many. For instance, public adjusters work with your best interest in mind, and not the insurance company’s. Another benefit of hiring a public adjuster is that they have experience in getting what you’re owed by the insurance company. The terminology and know-how that most public adjusters have in their arsenal make them a must-have when dealing with any insurance claim, and specifically, an expensive water damage claim.

Property losses like water damage are stressful and emotional times for the home owner. To get the right amount of money from the insurance, these situations involve a lot of jargon, as well as time sensitive tasks and obligations. During this great time of stress, handing the claim over to a public adjuster like Accredit Public Adjusters LLC will provide you some mental relief knowing that professionals are working to get you the most amount of money possible. For a free home evaluation, call 1 (855) 968-1900

The Benefits of Using a Public Adjuster vs. Handling An Insurance Claim Yourself

Hiring a public adjuster can make the process of handling an insurance claim much less stressful, and can impact the amount of money you receive from your insurance provider. You should aim to work with an experienced and professional claims adjuster. A good public adjuster will work directly with your insurance provider to determine how much the loss you’ve experienced is worth. You should keep in mind that the insurance company may be spot on, and the adjuster may take the insurers side. When hiring a public adjuster, look for one that mentions working for your interests, and obtaining the best possible settlement for the policyholder.

If the settlement that your insurance provider has offered seems low to you, and you think you’re entitled to more money, than hiring a public adjuster, otherwise known as a P.A, is a step in the right direction. Here are 3 reasons why hiring a P.A is a better idea than handling an insurance claim by yourself:

  1. Public Adjusters Work Directly For The Policyholder

A good public adjuster will know the ins and outs of the insurance industry that just isn’t common knowledge to the average homeowner. This gives them the ability and insight to be able to scrutinize your insurance policy down to the smallest details, granting you more money in your settlement as a result. Throughout the entire insurance claim process, the PA will defend your rights as a policyholder and negotiate with the provider to make the outcome of the settlement weigh in the favor of you, the policyholder.

  1. The Policy Holder Doesn’t Pay Out Of Pocket

The expense of hiring a public adjuster won’t come out of your pocket. Instead, the adjuster is paid once a settlement is reached. Once you receive the settlement payment, the PA will receive an agreed upon percentage. This percentage can vary, but usually sits around 10 percent.

  1. P.As Will Help You Receive A Higher Insurance Settlement

Public adjusters are in the business of granting the best possible outcome for the claim under your insurance policy. Unlike the average homeowner, public adjusters know the ins and outs of the ever changing insurance industry, including how an insurance provider evaluates a claim. Curious to know if a public adjuster can help you receive more on your claim? Consider this fact:

Homeowners that hire a public adjuster to handle their insurance claim typically receive 25-50 percent more money in their settlement.

Hiring A Public Adjuster in Florida, North Carolina, or Georgia

Accredited Public Adjusters, LLC is a licensed firm of public adjusters that serves policyholders located in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. Whether the loss is residential or commercial, APA can handle the claim. We work on behalf of the policyholder to get them the claim they deserve. To receive a free home evaluation, call 1 (855) 968-1900. To learn more about how APA can help you receive the money you’re entitled, vist our website at

Preparing for A Water Damage Claim with APA

Water Damage Claim with APA

When water invades your property, things can become very stressful.  The process of cleaning up and dealing with a water damage claim can be a heavy burden.  While dealing with a water damage claim can be difficult, it doesn’t always have to be. Hiring someone to help begin this process is probably in your best interest.  APA is a company that works with property owners to process insurance claims.  A water damage claim with APA can definitely make things easier. Today, we are going to learn some tips that will make the process go much smoother for you.

Five Water Damage Claim with APA Tips

  1. Take lots of pictures:

    The more pictures the better. Make sure to take high-quality pictures of all the damage you find. No matter how small the damage might be, you will need to document it by taking pictures.  While your insurance company will also take their own pictures, it’s good to have your own.  This will help protect your interests in case there are any discrepancies.

  2. Keep good records:

    To help document the event, make sure to keep records of everything. This includes any involvement by others.  If someone comes onto your property to fix a broken pipe or help you recover in any way, make sure to keep records of what they did.

  3. Be careful what you clean:

    While collecting your keepsakes after water damage is ok, you should avoid any major clean ups. Cleaning up may destroy vital evidence that may negatively affect your insurance claim.

  4. Know your insurance policy:

    A great way to see where you stand on your water damage claim is to review your insurance policy. Often your policy will include funds for temporary housing and meals during the restoration process.  This can help put you and your family at ease.

  5. Hire a professional:

    One of the best ways to handle a water damage case is to get some help.  As we learned above, APA is a company that has helped hundreds of people just like when you recover from water damage.  A water damage claim with APA will help get the process moving quickly making your life less stressful.