Using a Public Adjuster for an Insurance Claim Vero Beach, FL

Each year residents in Vero Beach, FL are faced with the unthinkable.  House fires, flooding and storm damage can happen in a blink of an eye.  During these events, families often don’t know where to turn.  Dealing with the damage is just part of the problem.  Often filing an insurance claim Vero Beach, FL can be just as difficult.  Luckily, there are some very helpful people that you can turn to in your time of need.  Today, we are going to learn more about public insurance adjusters and how they may be able to help you.

Do You Need a Public Adjuster to Assist with an Insurance Claim in Vero Beach, FL?

If you are filing an insurance claim Vero Beach, FL, chances are a certified public adjuster can help.  Below you will find some reasons why you should seek these insurance industry professionals to work on your behalf.

  • You have a complicated case:

    If your insurance claim case is complicated or involves more than one property owner, hiring a public adjuster can really help. These companies have years of experience dealing with all types of claims and can provide you with professional advice.

  • You simply don’t know how to navigate the situation:

    Most property owners have never had to file an insurance claim before. This can be a difficult process to navigate and doing it alone for the first time can be very scary.  That’s why many people in this situation choose to hire a public adjuster to help them.

  • Your compensation offer is small:

    If you have received an offer from your insurance company and you feel that it is too small, chances are you are right. Insurance companies will often offer the lowest possible settlement offer.  By hiring a public adjuster to go over the case, you can often renegotiate a better offer.  This will get you the compensation you need to get your life back together.

  • You don’t have the time:

    After the damage has occurred to your property, the last thing you want to worry about is dealing with the insurance company. Most of your time will probably be spent trying to pick up the pieces. Hiring a certified public adjuster to help you through the insurance process is definitely a wise decision.

Getting Help with Your Property Damage Claim

When dealing with property damage, chances are most homeowners are in over their heads.  No matter the size of the damage, dealing with the insurance company can be a very difficult task.  That’s why getting help with your property damage claim is your best bet.  Hiring a certified public insurance adjuster is a great way to protect your rights, and get you the compensation you deserve.  Today, we are going to learn how these public adjusters can help you through this tough process.

Five Benefits of Hiring an Adjuster to Assist with your Property Damage Claim

  1. A professional’s opinion:

    Dealing with a property damage claim can be very complicated. Hiring a professional adjuster will give you a professional’s opinion when you need it the most.  These adjusters can help guide you in the right direction and tell you how to deal with insurance companies.

  2. A better payout:

    When insurance companies see that you are working with a professional public adjuster, they are often more willing to settle for larger amounts. Adjusters can help you get the proper settlement amount so that you can rebuild your life sooner.

  3. Documents are everything for you:

    Documenting and taking a photo of your property damage is very important. But it’s easy to miss something if you are not a trained adjuster.  Public adjusters have the proper tools to get the job done.  They will take professional photos of the damage and generate reports.  Having everything in order will help the claims process go smoothly and will often help you get your check much sooner.

  4. They are well worth the money:

    While you will have to pay for their services, hiring an adjuster is well worth the funds. Their professional services will make life much easier.

  5. Adjusters will work with the insurance company:

    If you hate dealing with the insurance company, why not let someone else do it for you?  Adjusters will work on your behalf to get your claim settled.  This service is great for those who simply don’t have the time to deal with insurance companies.

What Does an Insurance Adjuster Do?

For those of you who don’t already know what an insurance adjuster is, it is an important profession that property owners greatly benefit from.  Today we are going to learn more about what does an insurance adjuster do and how they can help you when things have gone not so great.

What Does an Insurance Adjuster Do?

A public insurance adjuster is a privately hired person that will help property owners through the insurance claim process.  After an event that has damage property such as a fire, flood or hurricane, an adjuster can be hired to document the damage.  He or she will take photos of the damage and produce a report that will be given to both the property owner and the insurance company.  The adjuster will also work with the insurance company to get the property owner the maximum benefits.

What Does It Take to Be an Adjuster? 

Insurance adjusters have to be certified to work in their field.  This certification requires the adjuster to be knowledgeable and professional.  A test will have to taken and passed before certification can be achieved.  Once passed, a state license will be issued allowing the adjuster to begin work.  This process is designed to protect consumers and weed out those who simply lack the knowledge needed to work in the field.  Each state has different rules and regulations that adjusters will have to adhere to.

Who Can Benefit from Hiring an Adjuster?  

Anyone that is filing an insurance claim on their property can greatly benefit from hiring an insurance adjuster.  Often when you deal with the insurance company alone, you don’t always get the maximum benefits.  But when you hire an adjuster, it sends a clear signal to the insurance company that they are dealing with someone knowledgeable.  Additionally, adjusters will help you keep up with all the necessary paperwork and document everything for you.  This will help speed up the claim’s process, and property owners will likely receive a settlement check faster.  So if you are faced with property damage, a wise move would be to hire your own private insurance adjuster.

Broken Pipe Insurance Claims? Hire An Insurance Adjuster

Have you come home after a long vacation and found your home in a mess due to a broken pipe?  Broken pipes are a very common problem that many homeowners face.  The damage caused by burst plumbing can add up rather quickly.  But dealing with the insurance company can be a nightmare.  Broken pipe insurance claims can be difficult to process on your own, so why try when you don’t have to?  Today we are going to learn how an insurance adjuster can help.

Four Reasons to Hire an Insurance Adjuster for Broken Pipe Insurance Claims

Broken pipe insurance claims can be a chore to navigate.  So getting some help is very important.  Below we will learn four good reasons why hiring a public insurance adjuster just makes practical sense.

  1. Insurance adjuster can get the ball rolling:

    Often insurance companies will drag their feet with your claim. But when they realize you have hired a public adjuster, things have a tendency to speed up. Most insurance companies will want to settle fast once they know you have a professional on the job.

  2. They have the necessary tools:

    When investigating broken pipe insurance claims, public adjusters will have the tools necessary to get the job done. Most of them will have a professional camera to take a clear picture of the damage. This will clearly document the event protecting your rights.  Having clear records is very important when filing your insurance claim.

  3. They can get you the proper settlement:

    Many times insurance companies will offer you the least amount of your claim. If you have burst water pipe, chances are you will have water damage that needs to be repaired. In order to get the maximum settlement, you should hire a professional adjuster to help you out.

  4. You will get professional advice:

    An insurance adjuster will be able to offer professional advice that you can greatly benefit from. They will be able to tell you the extent of the damage and what it will cost to repair. This can help you when it comes time get quotes from plumbing companies.

Home Insurance Claim Assistance is Available

Has your home been damaged by a fire or natural disaster?  Having your home damaged or destroyed can really put your life in a tailspin.  Most of us feel that our homes are where our hearts are and when something happens to it can really stress us out.  On top of dealing with the damage homeowners also have to deal with insurance companies that are not always helpful. But what if there was a way to avoid hassling with the insurance company while still getting the money you deserve?  Well not there is.  Today we are going to learn about the benefits of insurance claim assistance and how it can help you.

The Main Benefits of Insurance Claim Assistance

  • You will get what is owed to you:

    Many times insurance companies will only offer what they feel is the least amount possible. They will quickly deliver you a check but 9 times out of 10 it’s not the maximum that you could get for your damage.  Working with a professional insurance claim assistance specialist who knows what your damage is worth will allow you to get the maximum benefits.

  • Less stress:

    Instead of stressing out and haggling with the insurance company why not let someone represent you. This will help keep the repair process as stress free as possible freeing you up to worry about more important things like getting your life back together.

  • They have resources that you may not:

    Professional insurance claim assistance companies will have state of the art cameras and other equipment to document your damage. While you might have a nice camera on your smartphone it probably can’t compare to a professional grade camera.  This will allow clear and detailed pictures of your damage documenting properly.

  • They make keeping up with paperwork easy:

    When your home has been damaged by fire or water a lot of paperwork goes into the restoration and documentation process. Keeping up with all this paperwork can be difficult so allowing someone else to do it for you is your best option.

Why Use A Public Adjustor For Your Insurance Claim

Has your home been damaged by a flood or a fire?  Sadly, this happens to many families each and every year.  Damage from flooding or a house fire can not only destroy those items you hold most dear but severely damage the structure of your home.  When this happens, you will need to file an insurance claim.  But dealing directly with your insurance company can cause you some major headaches.  Instead, there is another option that you have as a homeowner.

Four Benefits of Hiring a Public Adjustor

  1. It will take the stress off of you:

    When your family has been through a flood or a fire, a lot of stress will be placed on them.  To ease that burden, why not bring in someone to help you through the process?  A public adjustor can handle your entire insurance claim for you so that you can focus on what matters most your family.

  2. Your best interest will be protected:

    When you hire a public adjustor to handle your insurance claim, you will have a professional working for you. The insurance companies are known for giving you the least amount possible for your damage property.  But if you have an advocate that knows the process, you will get much more for your damages.

  3. Faster resolution:

    A public adjustor will help speed up the claim process so that you can start rebuilding your home faster. This means that you will be back in your home where you belong in no time at all. No one likes to be stuck in a hotel room for weeks on end, so why not hire a public adjustor to help you get back in your home quickly?

  4. Everything will be organized:

    When you hire a public adjustor, one of their jobs is to keep everything neatly organized so that they can present it to the insurance company. Having things organized will not only speed up the process, but it will give you solid evidence in case your insurance company tries to deny any part of your claim.

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Five Steps You Should Take After a Fire Damage

fire damage resources

You and your family were away from vacation and you have just come home to a very devastating news.  This tragic news has turned your family upside down, but luckily, no one was home during the fire.  But what happens next?  Where does your family turn and what steps do you need to take?  These are questions that need answers.  If your home has suffered fire damage in Ft. Pierce FL, there are some things that you will need to do right away.  Below you will find five steps that will help get your life back to normal after a devastating house fire.

Five Important Steps to Take After Fire Damage

  1. Call your insurance company:

    After the fire has been put out, it’s time to call your homeowner’s insurance company and let them know what has happened.  In a few short days, they will send out an insurance adjustor to inspect any fire damage that has occurred.

  2. Gather your personal information:

    If you had a safe in your home, 9 times out of 10 it made it through the fire without damage to the items inside.  Make sure to recover the safe so that you will have your personal documents ready in case you need them.

  3. Look for sentimental items:

    Often times you will be able to find some sentimental items such as pictures that made it through the fire with little to no damage.  Make sure to look around for these items as soon as you can to prevent any further damage that might happen.

  4. Secure a place to stay while your home is being repaired:

    Contact friends or family members to see if your family can stay with them during the restoration process. If no one can accommodate you, try to find a hotel that allows for an extended stay.

  5. Get a second opinion:

    After your insurance company has had the chance to go over the fire damage to your home, get a second opinion.  By hiring an independent public adjusting firm to conduct an adjustment on your home, you will be better protected.  Insurance companies often try to offer the least amount possible for your fire damage.  This practice is industry wide, and the only real way to get what you deserve is by having an independent adjuster speak up for you.

What You Need to Know About Fire Damage

During the summer months, property damage claims are on the rise.  Some of the most common types of damage that property owners report during the summertime are fire damage, flood damage, mold damage and hurricane wind damage.  These are all common problems this time of year.  Because the Southeast has experienced such a dry start to the summer, today we are going to focus on fire damage.  Wildfires and household fires are major problems that unfortunately some of us have to face.  Today we are going to learn more about fire damage and what you should do if you are faced with this awful problem.

After The Fire is Out the Real Work Begins

If your home or business has fallen victim to fire damage you are going to need to know what to do.  After the firetrucks have left and your family is safe, you are often left with a huge mess.  Below are a few steps that will help you on your road to recovery.

  • Ask when it’s safe to go back inside:

    The first thing you are going to need to do is to ask if your home or business is safe to enter. Most of the time, the damages to the structure of your home or office will determine if you can safely go back inside.

  • Collect personal items:

    Once it’s safe to go back in try to salvage pictures, personal documents and sentimental items that you may hold dear to you. These items can help you hold onto good memories and forget the bad memories the fire has just caused you.

  • Contact your insurance company:

    Call your insurance company as soon as possible. They will be able to quickly send out someone to assess the damage.  The insurance inspector will also be looking for flood damage and mold damage caused by the water used to put out the fire.

  • Hire a public adjuster:

    Many times insurance companies will give you the lowest possible claim amount. This is just the nature of the insurance industry.  But luckily for you, there is something you can do to get the most for your damaged property.  By hiring a public adjuster to go over the damage and your claim, you will get the maximum settlement amount.  This will allow you to rebuild your home quickly and restore it to the way it was before the fire.

  • Hire a fire damage restoration company:

    Once you have your insurance settlement check, it is time to begin repairs. But instead of hiring just any private contractor, hire a company that specializes in fire damage and mold damage restoration.  This will ensure that the repairs done on your home will be done the right way.

Tips for Filing an Insurance Claim

Water Damage Claim with APA

When disaster strikes first priority isn’t always the insurance claim.  In fact, it is the lowest thing on the list because of the hassles involved.  The biggest mistake a lot of homeowners make is to depend on the insurance company to check out their damage and hope that they get the money required to pay for that damage.  The biggest problem with depending on the insurance companies is that the insurance companies will only pay for what they can see and if there is damage that isn’t noticeable, you will end up coming out of your pocket for repairs.  This is why, as a homeowner, you should always have a company like A Public Adjusters LLC programmed in your phone.  Insurance companies send out hundreds of adjusters to review claims and they do not carry around the equipment necessary to see the damage that is beyond what is noticeable.  Here are some tips that may help you during the process of an insurance claim.

Insurance Claim Help and Support starts by knowing your rights and ensuring that you are ready (both emotionally and physically) to do the majority of the work.

  • Before you file your insurance claim, take a moment to review your insurance policy and verify your coverage’s as well as the responsibilities of your insurance company in order to settle your claim.  You may request this from your insurance company or review it online if you have online access.
  • Let your insurance company know immediately that you are planning to file a claim:  You are simply giving them a heads up and you do not need to inform them of assessed damage or request an adjuster, just let them know that you have had some damage and that you are simply calling to give them notice of your intent to file a claim for the damages.
  • Take as many pictures as possible of the damage.  It is difficult to get it all and at the time disaster strikes, we don’t always think rationally or we miss details easily.  Sometimes it is recommended that you bring in a family member to help you assess the damage and obtain the photos so you do not end up missing anything important.  This could be the difference of having your damages repaired in a timely fashion and correctly the first time around, or ending up paying for more issues later.

knowing when to file an insurance claim

  • DO NOT stop paying your insurance premiums or mortgage as this will cause more problems for you in the long run.  During a disaster, many property owners fail to make insurance payments and/or mortgage payments and cause bigger problems in the long run.  The claims process is not a short process so being patient and staying on top of your claim can be very helpful.
  • While you are dealing with the insurance companies, remember that they are not interested in your well being, they are a business and they are trying to save themselves as much money as possible.  Do not depend on them, do not assume they will play nicely and certainly do not assume that the representative is capable of making sure your home is fixed properly.  Every time you speak to someone from your insurance company,  chances are it will be a different person and you will never get the decision maker who decides the amount of your claim settlement, so always be friendly but never assume that they will do the right thing, because chances are they won’t.
  • Document everything about the claim process.  This includes estimates, proof of damage, and all the details you hear from everyone you speak to.  During the process of the Insurance claim, you are the only person who knows what your property looked like prior to the disaster so therefore it is so important that you stay proactive in documenting and detailing everything, even going as far as video to prove the damage.
  • Do not exaggerate your claim under any circumstance.
  • Before you sign any legal documents, consult an attorney.  It may seem straight forward, it may read nicely, but never leave it to chance.  Talk to a qualified attorney to ascertain that the documents you are signing are protecting your best interests and not just the insurance companies.
  • Complain in writing and resolve all other issues informally.  This way your written complaint will go up the chain of command and/or involve the government agencies put in place to protect you.

These tips can help speed up and ensure that the claim you file is taken seriously from start to finish.  Never just trust an insurance company, always remember that they are and always will be a “For-Profit” business and that their duty to help you is based on the amount of effort you put forth.  Also remember that you have a right to select who does your repairs and you have a right to consult an attorney during the claims process.

At A Public Adjusters, we have seen a lot of property damage, we have worked with property owners to assess the damage and guide in the process of insurance claims.  Take a moment to contact our office for support throughout your claims process as well as guidance to getting the maximum payout for the damages sustained to your property.

Take a moment to review some helpful articles for ensuring your insurance claim is treated with the utmost respect from the insurance company:

The Best Guide for Handling Property Damage Claims – In addition to the advice we have provided in this blog, here is an attorney’s guide which further elaborates on what needs to be done to effectively file your insurance claim.

Insurance Claims Management Tips for Businesses

So, you’ve been tasked with managing an insurance claim for your business, now what? Unless you are part of a large company’s dedicated legal or insurance team, managing a business insurance claim may be new to you. While you may welcome the change of pace, you’ll soon find that dealing with insurance adjusters, contractors, inspectors, and others involved in your claim is more time-consuming than you bargained for.

Use the tips below to better manage the entire claims process:

  • Treat it like a project – Invite everyone involved to your online project or task management software so that you have a centralized repository for claim related documents as well as collaboration and scheduling tools.
  • Learn about the commercial claims process – You have a lot to learn including: your company’s business insurance coverage, insurance terminology, claims procedures, how to document damage, your company’s responsibilities, additional coverage that may apply (such as business interruption coverage), commercial construction, and more.
  • Take a proactive approach, diligently looking after your business needs – Every day your business is down translates into thousands of dollars lost. Not only that, a great deal of money is at stake in the form of hidden or unclaimed losses. Remember, you are representing your business’s best interests while your insurance claims adjuster is looking after the insurance company’s best interests. Keep this in mind at all times and provide the insurance company with the facts it needs to pay your company’s claim in full.

Finally, consider working with a public insurance adjuster rather than relying solely on your insurance company’s representative. We manage the entire claim, allowing you to focus on performing your job while we pursue the highest settlement possible.