Two months have come and gone since Hurricane Irma graced the state of Florida with its presence. With the cost of damages climbing higher and higher as the numbers are being reported in, so are the number of claims being filed. If you were one of the unfortunate property owners affected by Hurricane Irma and have filed your claim, you may still be patiently waiting for your insurance company to get back to you. If they have gotten back to you and your claim was denied you might be wondering what to do next. Either way, you have options! Take an active role in the claims process by reaching out to a Public Adjuster to access your claim.

Call an Insurance Adjuster  

Public adjusters become your advocates fighting on your behalf to secure the settlement you deserve. Experienced public adjusters are well versed in the language of insurance policies and are able to utilize their knowledge of how insurance companies operate to maximize your return.

Denied Claims

If you filed a claim due to Hurricane Irma and it was denied, it isn’t the end. You may still be entitled to the amount you filed for. A public adjuster can look over your denied claim and help you appeal the denial to recover the money you are entitled to. Insurance companies are concerned with their own profit margins. It’s time you had someone on your side.

Pending Claims or Claims in Process

If your claim is not filed and still in the process or currently pending, having a professional look over your current claim can only aid you in your claim. Public adjusters are able to find mistakes or omissions that would have otherwise decreased the amount you would have gotten back. Hiring a public adjuster will make certain that your claim is a true portrayal  of the damages and losses incurred.