Broken Pipe

broken pipe under house damage port saint lucie

Need Help with a Broken Pipe or Water Damage Claim in Georgia, Florida or North Carolina?

We all know that a broken pipe or water line is cause for alarm. Not only can a broken pipe cause substantial water damage, mold often tags along causing further damage and requiring more extensive repairs. Dealing with a waterlogged home or business is bad enough as it is. The complexities and unfamiliarity of the insurance claims process adds to the stress. Fortunately, policyholders have a little known resource available to them: public insurance adjusters. Hiring a professional public insurance adjuster who works for you and not the insurance company could be the smartest choice you make when dealing with a broken pipe.

Public adjusters start by determining which losses are covered under your insurance policy. Insurance policies are notorious for being incomprehensible to the average person as well as for their confusing exclusions, provisions, endorsements, and limits. To further complicate water and mold damage claims, many insurance companies have reworded their policies to specifically exclude or limit coverage. You may think you have coverage when that may no longer be the case.

It takes an expert to evaluate insurance and water damage losses in context with your insurance policy. In addition, as the insured, you must fulfill multiple obligations and prove all of your losses. If you don’t your claim could be underfunded or outright denied. In fact, many of our clients are attorneys and even fellow insurance professionals such as agents and adjusters who recognize the value of having a public adjuster handle their water damage claims.

Accredited Public Adjusters, LLC can evaluate your property after a pipe break, water line break, toilet or sink overflow, or other flood event.

We are committed to helping policyholders in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina:

  • Find and address all water and mold damage
  • Determine the costs required to properly repair your home or business to its pre-loss condition
  • Document and prove your losses
  • Obtain a full settlement for your losses in conformance with your insurance coverage

Call Accredited Public Adjusters today at (855) 968-1900 to discuss your water damage claim and learn more about what we can do to help. We look forward to hearing from you!