Fire Damage Public Adjuster

Fire Damage

Need Help Settling a Fire Insurance Claim in the Southeast?

Children are taught not to play with fire for good reason: you may get burned. This holds true for adults, especially those suffering through a fire damage claim. Use extreme caution or you could find the claims process heating up and feel as though there’s nowhere to turn. Fortunately, you can prevent getting burned by your insurance company by counting on our team of Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina public adjusters.

Fire losses are among the most traumatic due to the nature of fire and smoke. Fires can devastate everything in its path while smoke can seep into the smallest of holes causing undeniable odors. Fires arrive with no warning and cannot be predicted. For obvious reasons, property owners are often distraught and shocked to find their homes or businesses destroyed. During this difficult time, policyholders need to focus on rebuilding their lives not dealing with an insurance company.


How Public Insurance Adjusters Help Settle Fire Insurance Claims

Many clients have come to us after accepting an insurance settlement offer in a moment of desperation. We make sure your interests are fairly represented during the claims process. You can count on us for professional advice and expert assistance while you focus on what is most important: your family and/or business.

Many people do not know what a public adjuster is until they need one. We are licensed insurance professionals and advocates for policyholders who are suddenly immersed in a world of legalese, technical jargon, and insurance policies containing page after page of provisions and stipulations that give coverage and then take it away and allow coverage only if anything¬Ě happens. Public adjusters in Florida specialize in, and take great pride in, understanding these complex documents. Most importantly, we help you avoid getting burned from poorly handled fire damage claims. This results in a higher payment to you, the property owner.

What you don’t know could cost you. For example, if the policy’s terms are not followed completely and correctly, you might NOT get paid. Likewise, smoke damage is often invisible, making it difficult to prove.

Public insurance adjusters from Accredited Public Adjusters know the insurance claims process inside and out. We are skilled at identifying fire damaged items and building materials from the rubble and debris, and we use a myriad of loss estimating tools to document and prove your losses.

As insurance claim professionals, we handle all aspects of the claim including:

  • Filing claims forms accurately and completely
  • Correspondence with your insurance carrier
  • Documenting and proving your fire and smoke damage (even invisible smoke damage)
  • Preparing home inventories
  • Estimating costs
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Negotiating the final settlement

Use a Licensed Public Adjuster! It’s the Right Choice.
You have suffered enough; to put yourself through the grueling and oftentimes dragged out process of an insurance claims negotiation can be overwhelmingly burdensome. This is why using Accredited Public Adjusters is the right choice.

Our clients have included professionals such as attorneys, insurance agents, and independent adjusters who work directly for insurance carriers. These individuals are well versed in insurance claims processes, yet they recognize the value of having an experienced public adjuster handle their own fire damage claims. This reinforces the importance of using a public adjuster and highlights the value we bring to your claim. Our clients have one thing in common: a happy ending from a favorable insurance settlement.

Call Accredited Public Adjusters today at (855) 968-1900 to discuss your fire or smoke damage claim and learn more about how we can help. We look forward to hearing from you!