Vandalism Damage

We Can Help with Florida, North Carolina or Georgia Vandalism Claims

Vandalism losses are emotionally devastating. Victims of vandalism often feel personally violated, even if the act was random. In addition to the emotional toll, vandalism can also be costly. While residential and commercial property insurance policies do cover vandalism, the claims process is stressful and complicated. It requires a precise approach to ensure that you aren’t victimized yet again – this time in the form of an incomplete settlement or claim denial.

For example, as the policyholder, it’s up to you to document and prove your vandalism losses. While graffiti and smashed windows are obvious signs of vandalism, other signs such as broken beer bottles on the roof may be brushed off as inconsequential and not claimed. But what happens if the vandals walked across the roof, grinding that broken glass into the roof’s membrane? If you don’t claim the vandalism damage and the roof leaks as a result, you could be looking at significant repairs and out of pocket expenses.

This is just one example where having a professional public adjuster looking out for your best interests is essential. We know how the insurance industry works, and we’re well aware of the intricacies surrounding commercial and residential vandalism claims. Not only do we have the expertise to help you recover the compensation your policy affords, we do all of the work so that you can focus on taking care of your family or business.

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