Water Damage

Water Damage port saint lucieNeed Help With Your Water Damage Claim (Florida, Georgia and North Carolina)?

Most property owners never have to deal with a water claim, and when they do they are unsure of how to handle it. While some let their insurance companies take the lead, insurance carriers often grossly underestimate water damage due to the elusive nature of water. For example, water seeks the lowest level; it can work its way into wall cavities, underneath and behind cabinets, and underneath flooring where it is difficult to see. Insurance company adjusters have informed us many times that they do not pay for damage that they cannot see. This could be financially disastrous to you!

Accredited Public Adjusters uses special water detection equipment such as scoping cameras, moisture meters and FLIR (forward looking infrared) infrared cameras to determine the path of the water and account for all of the water-damaged areas. Our thorough approach ultimately increases your insurance recovery based on visual inspection; it also ensures that you have the funds needed to repair water-damaged areas that may have otherwise been overlooked or were left “unseen” by the insurance adjuster.

If not discovered, treated, and dried promptly and correctly, water can quickly lead to mold growth – especially in humid states such as Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia. Accredited Public Adjusters employs a team of specialists certified by Southeastern Mold Institute Inc. for their expertise in proper mold remediation procedures. This knowledge is crucial in determining the actual amount of mold and water damage as well as associated restoration costs.

Water can devastate a property and its contents. Not only does water enter flooring and wall cavities, it can also “wick” up into furniture, drywall, framing, insulation, and electrical systems. Accredited Public Adjusters uses proven assessment techniques to obtain the maximum settlement amount. We also ensure compliance to all of your obligations under the insurance policy

Accredited Public Adjusters helps commercial and residential policyholders settle water damage claims. Attorneys, insurance agents, and independent insurance adjusters alike have used our services because while they understand the process, they see the value of using a professional public adjuster on their own claims.

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