Wind Damage

Wind Damage

Need Help Settling A Wind Damage Claim?

Policyholders in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and the entire East Coast have learned about tornadoes, tropical storms, and hurricanes and their effects on property the hard way. These wind systems have no mercy on buildings and property, leaving property owners feeling helpless and alone. Not only is the wind damage devastating, policyholders are unsure of how to deal with insurance companies, adding to their stress.

Did you know that, as the insured, you have many obligations to fulfill? Failing to do so could result in your wind damage claim being denied! We have seen far too many competent people overlook a seemingly minor claim requirement to their disadvantage. It’s not personal; it is just how insurance companies do business and save money. However, you shouldn’t have to pay the price for not understanding a complex process filled with legalese, requirements, exclusions, and industry jargon.

Our public insurance adjusters (who are licensed by the states of Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia) help policyholders settle property and wind damage claims. While pipe breaks, floods, fires, sinkholes, business interruptions, theft, hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning strikes, and other losses are usually covered by insurance, the process is tricky. You must understand how and when a loss is covered along with how to obtain full compensation for all of your covered losses. Though insurance is a must, having an insurance policy doesn’t guarantee that the insurance company will pay when a loss occurs – or that it will pay the full amount you are due. That’s where public insurance adjusters become your most important ally.

A great deal of money is at stake – and it is YOUR money, not the insurance company’s. You have paid top dollar for your coverage, so don’t let your insurance company scrimp when it comes to compensating you for your losses. A public adjuster can help you prepare for battle with one of the most financially backed industries in the world. While insurance companies make you jump through all kinds of hoops, you don’t have to do so alone. Public adjusters have the experience, knowledge, and resources to pursue a full recovery. We serve as your advocate and do the work. With a professional public adjusting firm on your side, the power shifts back to you, the consumer.

******Many of our public adjusting firm’s clients are insurance agents, adjusters, and attorneys who are well versed in the art of insurance claims and negotiations. They use us because they know what’s in store if they try to go at it alone – and they know the value that a public adjuster brings to the process. Make a smart choice by calling Accredited Public Adjusters, LLC today at 855-968-1900.