Preparing for the Storm

tropical storm damage

How to Really Prepare for Tropical Storm Damage

Residents in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina are well-schooled in storm readiness and know the basics of gathering enough food and water to last during a power outage. (For a refresher, visit NOAA. But in order to really prepare for a Atlantic storm, you need to protect your property from sustaining damage. The process below should take about 30 minutes of your time. It will also improve your chances of obtaining a fair insurance settlement from your insurance company should you need to file an insurance claim.

Take Digital Photos Before Property Damage Occurs

This is the single most important thing you can do prior to a storm or hurricane. Most people take photos after an insurance loss. However, disputes commonly arise concerning wind and storm damage with insurance adjusters often labeling the damage as “pre-existing.” From there, they either refuse to compensate you for your loss or severely depreciate the damage estimate. Photos taken before damage occurs helps to establish the condition of your roof, siding, screen enclosure, drywall, carpeting, carport, and other structures.

Don’t Skimp

– Digital cameras allow you take hundreds of photos. Take pictures of everything including all elevations (sides) of your home. If you are physically able and can do so safely, get on your roof and take pictures. This serves two purposes: it documents the fact that there is no damage and it provides you with the opportunity to find and fix any existing damage prior to the hurricane or tropical storm’s arrival.

Go Room to Room

– Take pictures of every wall of every room including the closets. You could have tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of property hidden behind closed doors including: clothing, shoes, swimsuits, board games, electronics, and more. These items add up and are often overlooked. Tornados and fires could completely destroy your home, leaving you to rely on your memory to create an insurance loss inventory. Again, we can’t stress the importance of pictures, pictures, and more pictures enough. Store your digital photos online so that they are safe and sound from storms.

Understand Your Insurance Policy

– Insurance policies are notoriously confusing and hard to understand. Have one of our experienced public insurance adjusters review your insurance policy for free. We check for available coverage’s and applicable exclusions. We understand what your policy covers and what coverage’s you need. We want to know that should you suffer a loss, you have the coverage required to restore your property. Email or fax us your policy today for a free review. We do not sell insurance and have no interest in your policy other than to reassure you that you have the coverage you need.

Before the next storm threatens your home, save our public adjusting firm’s phone number in your mobile phone. Use the following numbers to speak to an insurance adjuster:

Fort Pierce, Florida – We can be reached locally at (855) 968-1900

Georgia, North Carolina and other Florida cities – Call us toll free at Call Us Today: 1 (855) 968-1900

Call us if you have any questions before or after the storm. As public adjusters and consumer advocates, we are here to help you!