Has your home been damaged by a flood or a fire?  Sadly, this happens to many families each and every year.  Damage from flooding or a house fire can not only destroy those items you hold most dear but severely damage the structure of your home.  When this happens, you will need to file an insurance claim.  But dealing directly with your insurance company can cause you some major headaches.  Instead, there is another option that you have as a homeowner.

Four Benefits of Hiring a Public Adjustor

  1. It will take the stress off of you:

    When your family has been through a flood or a fire, a lot of stress will be placed on them.  To ease that burden, why not bring in someone to help you through the process?  A public adjustor can handle your entire insurance claim for you so that you can focus on what matters most your family.

  2. Your best interest will be protected:

    When you hire a public adjustor to handle your insurance claim, you will have a professional working for you. The insurance companies are known for giving you the least amount possible for your damage property.  But if you have an advocate that knows the process, you will get much more for your damages.

  3. Faster resolution:

    A public adjustor will help speed up the claim process so that you can start rebuilding your home faster. This means that you will be back in your home where you belong in no time at all. No one likes to be stuck in a hotel room for weeks on end, so why not hire a public adjustor to help you get back in your home quickly?

  4. Everything will be organized:

    When you hire a public adjustor, one of their jobs is to keep everything neatly organized so that they can present it to the insurance company. Having things organized will not only speed up the process, but it will give you solid evidence in case your insurance company tries to deny any part of your claim.

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